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Why choose biggworks talent solutions ?

Biggworks talent solutions help companies to hire the top remote talents faster, more efficiently and at competitive salaries from India.

Interview ready Pre-vetted Talent Network

Choose from a large network of experienced and qualified talents curated after an extensive vetting process.

Fast Hiring

Start interviewing within 48 hours of sharing your requirements and onboard the top talent in just 2 weeks.

Top Vetted Talent

Our Talent Network consists of India's top pre-vetted professionals who have the knowledge and experience you are looking for.

Cost Advantage

With Biggworks, you save huge on salaries compared to the local talent without compromising the quality.

Availability in different time zones

Our talents work in your timezone or at least with 4 hours of overlap to ensure that the deliverables are always on time.

Instant Onboarding

Biggworks takes care of onboarding formalities in an instant and makes sure that the talent is ready to start working from day one.

Simple Contracts

Simple, monthly payout without worrying about any compliance or legal aspects.

Easy Replacement

In the event that the talent does not meet your requirements or resigns, you can leverage our 30-days replacement policy.

The vetting process

  • Profile Screening & Shortlisting

    We review tons of applications against our minimum criteria, their professional journey and holistic background checks.

  • Technical Assessment

    We have curated one of the toughest and most advanced technical assessments to vet talent's capabilities, these are role-based extremely stringent tests which filters top 10% talents.

  • Expert Panel Interview

    Our Talent Acquisition experts conduct the final video interview understanding the candidate's preferences and expectations to do the right matchmaking.

With Biggworks, hiring the top remote Indian talent is made easy

Access the talent network of 50,000+ experts with 100+ skill sets

Talent categories

Innovative Minds, Infinite Solutions: Talent at your fingertip.

Talents are not one-size-fits-all. This is the reason why we have bifurcated them into 3 categories based on their level of experience, skills, professional certifications, demand for the role and the complexity of the responsibilities.

Junior level (2-5 years Exp)

Talents in this category are technically sound, quick and task-driven. They aren't fresher or trainee level talents but simply have less exposure as compared to mid & senior level.

Mid Level (5-8 years Exp)

Demonstrating a strong command of their domain, mid-level talents showcase technical prowess, efficiency and a proactive approach. Situated between junior and senior roles, they offer a well-rounded skill set with ample room for further development.

Senior Level (8+ years Exp)

Talents in this category have exceptionally strong skills, expertise and experience. They can be termed as Highly competent, innovative and outcome-oriented.

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