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Biggworks is where the future works

Experience accelerated software development with our Lean and Agile methodology. Harnessing the power of latest tech stacks and frameworks, reusable code libraries, distributed multi-tier architectures, rigorous testing, cloud-native techniques and extensively documented best practices, we propel your software development process. Our mission is to facilitate swift and efficient Go-To-Market for your product.

BiggWorks: Product Engineering and Digital Acceleration Services


In this crucial step innovative ideas are generated, explored and refined. It involves brainstorming, concept development and evaluation of potential solutions, setting the stage for the subsequent stages of product development and design.



This phase encompasses translating the selected idea into a detailed plan. It involves us creating technical specifications, prototypes, and finalizing the product's form, function and aesthetics. We lay the groundwork for manufacturing and further development iterations.



It involves translating the design concept into a tangible software product. It encompasses tasks such as gathering software requirements, developing software prototypes, conducting tests and refining the design based on feedback. The objective is to create a functional and deployable software product that meets the desired specifications and is ready for market release.



This phase involves optimizing software development processes, streamlining operations and ensuring software quality and consistency at a larger scale. The objective is to achieve efficient software production and successful market penetration, ensuring that the software can be delivered to a larger user base while maintaining high-quality standards.



Here we focus on continuous feedback, evaluation and refinement. It gathers user feedback, analyzes data and iteratively improves the software to enhance functionality and align with user needs and market requirements.


We will work closely together to conceptualize, design, and develop a simplified version of your product. The emphasis is on identifying and implementing essential features, ensuring usability, and obtaining your feedback for iterative improvements and validation.

Product-Market fit

We will aid you in achieving product-market fit by conducting market research, refining the value proposition, optimizing pricing, implementing marketing strategies, and incorporating customer feedback to align your product with the target market's needs and preferences.


We will provide expertise and support in areas such as operational optimization, market expansion strategies, and scalability planning to facilitate successful growth and increased market presence.

Why Startups Choose Biggworks?

We harness Agile methods to iteratively improve product capabilities, incorporating user feedback and behavior analytics to achieve a tailormade fit for your target market.

Fully managed team

We appoint a knowledgeable domain expert to oversee and lead your project, ensuring effective project management and acting as your primary point of contact.

Startup speed

By leveraging our reusable frameworks and code libraries, we can expedite the development process, enabling us to launch MVPs in under 90 days.

Pro-active communication

Clear and frequent communication is a fundamental aspect of our processes at Biggworks. We keep you fully informed about your project's progress, status, and the performance of each team member.


Meet ambitious targets within tight deadlines with our assistance. We provide skilled engineers who meet your specific skill requirements, saving you valuable time on otherwise lengthy hiring processes.

End-to-end Product Development

Every stage of the product requires a unique set of experts to collaborate closely and build a user-centric product that resolves specific business challenges.

BiggWorks: UI-UX-Design Services

UI / UX Design

BiggWorks: Frontend Web Development Services

Front-end Development

Embedded Development and IoT Engineering Services


BiggWorks: Backend Web Development Services

Back-end Development

Mobile App Development Services

Mobile Application

Testing and Quality Assurance Services

Quality Assurance

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