Underwater Communication System.

BiggWorks Project: Underwater Communication System |Fisheries. Marine. Defence

Designing a system which ensures divers safety by showcasing and communicating diver’s vital information as well as communication between the divers underwater.

Client Requirement / Project Description

The product solves a major problem of fatalities during deep sea diving mainly because of the lack of communication between the boat on the surface and underwater divers as well as monitor the diver’s vital statistics such as body temperature, ECG levels in order to take quick actions which could save divers life.

The oxygen levels in the tank need to be monitored closely by the divers as well as the supervisors on the boat so that immediate action can be taken for SOS.

The product has an ecosystem in which the divers carry an underwater communicator device which periodically displays the divers statistics of core body temperature as well as the ECG levels and the oxygen levels left in the tank. This information is displayed on the display in a periodic manner of 5-10 minutes as set by the diver.

All the above divers statistics of each diver are sent to the boat on the surface which has an asset tracker communicator device which is then displayed on an app on the IPAD as well as pushed onto the server for remote monitoring.

The app on the IPAD also keeps track of each divers location underwater using the triangulation technique which will enable the boat to reach to the perfect spot which is required for an emergency evacuation.

The divers communicator device is equipped with a predefined set of messages which can be sent to other divers in the vicinity of 2 kms as well as to the boat on the surface especially used for periodic status update as well as during an emergency SOS event.

The system on the boat will also be able to send an SOS to all divers or any of the divers whose body vitals or oxygen levels might be low for safe retrieval.

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Robustness: The Major challenge here was to get all sensors(oxygen level + core body temp + ECG) connected to the main unit and sending the periodic data onto the boat as well as displaying messages from other divers and the boat as well as highlighting an SOS event or automatically highlighting the divers of various discrepancies in the body vitals or low oxygen levels.

Accuracy: One more challenge was designing a modem combination on the boat which would ensure triangulation of acoustic signals received from divers onto the 3 modems which would help identifying the divers' proximity of 10 meters circumference on the surface coordinates which is very helpful in the case of a rescue.

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Succorfish is a technology company that aims to offer precise, dependable, and cost-effective monitoring technology that can operate in the most extreme and remote locations on earth.

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