Race Timing System.

BiggWorks Project: Race Timing System | Sports. Mountain Bike Racing

Designing a small portable system which would be used for accurate timing in mountain bike racing.

Client Requirement / Project Description

Most of the timing systems are designed by syncing the clock over the internet which is not possible in some extreme conditions especially during mountain bike racing.

Hence the customer wanted to design a premium timing platform which would be using bluetooth low energy beacons for precise timing measurements in cases where internet timing was not accessible on all devices.

Each rider would have a bluetooth low energy beacon registered to his name at the start of the race.

A scanner connected onto the internet via GSM/Satellite comms at various checkpoints as well as the start and finish lines ensures that the timing of different riders are recorded at various points, coagulated and results are fed onto a mobile application connected to a backend server which showcases the riders statistics.

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BiggWorks Project: Race Timing System Screenshot

Services and Technologies

Hardware, Firmware and Development


Mobile Application Development



Timing Accuracy: The Major challenge here is to keep the accuracy of the timings by keeping the beacon advertisements to every 3 millisecond which would ensure at least a 10ms accuracy on the timing system.

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Succorfish is a technology company that aims to offer precise, dependable, and cost-effective monitoring technology that can operate in the most extreme and remote locations on earth.

Biggworks Client Succorfish

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