Geo-fence Alert System.

BiggWorks Project: Geo-fence Alert System | Fisheries. Marine. Defence. Construction

Designing a geofence system for the Asset Tracking Solution which ensures that the required asset does not move out of the set geofence area and there is an alert on the system in real time if it does so. Geofence helps to track real time devices and alert only when devices breach the geofence limits set.

Requirement was to make a geofence system implemented on the server for the asset tracking solution which should independently work without the tracking device knowing about the geofences.

There should be a geofence solution to be designed in the tracking device which should work even when there is no connection to the server through 3G/Satellite network.

The geofences can be circular or hexagonal in nature and should be created on the server.

A buzzer needs to be buzzed when a geofence breach indication is triggered on the device side or is sent from the server.

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Services and Technologies

Hardware, Fireware, PCB Design and Development


Mobile Application Development


Web Application Development



Power Consumption: As there will be a lot of geofences that will be created and the device has to check for the geofence breaches at user defined time intervals which would consume a lot of energy. So we devised an intelligent algorithm to check appropriate geofences which are within the radius of a few kms from the previous user positioning. This would conserve a lot of power and would enable the breaching algorithm to be robust.

Geofence Management: As Geofences are created in the mobile app as well as the server and these need to be deployed and updated onto the devices dynamically we needed to devise an intelligent method to manage various versions of the geofences and all devices are always up to date with the latest version of that particular geofence.

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