Gear-In Gear-Out Beacons for large fleets.

BiggWorks Project: Gear-in Gear-out Beacons | Fisheries. Marine

Designing a system which ensures fishermen's accountability while fishing in large fleets.

Client Requirement / Project Description

When the fisherman go to waters for the catch there is always a chance that they are not making enough big fishing net dips in the sea for the catch. So a beacon needs to be designed which is attached to large fishing nets or gears that would exactly say when the fishing gear was deployed underwater for the catch and when it was removed out from water.

This would ensure the geolocation of the catch along with exact timings of the gears being dipped and when they are coming out of water.

The beacons should be fitted onto the gears with identification of each gear and should be tamper proof which ensures that if the beacons are removed from the gears an indication is sent as tamper event back to the server which inturn is alarmed to the fleet admin systems.

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Services and Technologies

Hardware, Firmware and Development


Mobile Application Development


Web Application Development



Power Consumption: The Major challenge here was to keep the power consumption of the beaconing device to minimal values which would ensure there is at least 6 months of battery life without recharging on these beacons. This was achieved by the device being kept in sleep mode in 90% of its operations and will periodically check for the depth every 2 mins for a couple of seconds based on which will keep the bluetooth beacons on when out of water and off when it is inside water.

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Succorfish is a technology company that aims to offer precise, dependable, and cost-effective monitoring technology that can operate in the most extreme and remote locations on earth.

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