Skin Care With Dry Skin Index Measurement.

BiggWorks Project: Dry Skin Index (DSI) monitoring | Consumer Electronics

The DSI Sense continuously monitors the Dry Skin Index of indoor air and estimates the hydration level of the outer layer of skin. These diagnostics will inform your daily skin-care practices, including the use of moisturizing lotions and room humidifiers.

Client Requirement / Project Description

The device should have a sensor to measure the dry skin index and update its value onto the server.

The device should have BLE and Wifi in it for communication with the Android/IOS Application as well as to AWS server through the MQTT server and update the dry skin index onto the server too.

The device should be able to connect to the Android/IOS Applications through BLE for the first time which would then configure the Wifi present on the to perform an OTA update as well as connect to the AWS server for sending the dry skin index values onto the web server. The application would then fetch these values from the Cloud and display them to the user.

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BiggWorks Project: Dry Skin Index (DSI) monitoring Screenshot

Services and Technologies

Hardware, Firmware and Development


Cloud server Development



Heat Dissipation: The Major challenge was to make the PCB design to withhold the heat dissipation on the Wifi Module and the enclosure design to enable maximum heat escape which would not hamper the readings from the sensor.

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The DSI Sense is the first sensor device + app that monitors the Dry Skin Index to help people moisturize their skin in a proactive, timely fashion. The Dry Skin Index is based on a thermodynamic property of water vapor that is calculated from both humidity and temperature.

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