Core Temp Body Sensor For High-performance Athletes.

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Designing a ingestible pill to be taken by athletes, astronauts and other sports and adventure enthusiasts which monitors the temperature inside our body and transmits to recorders which in turn transmit them onto the app and the web for analysis and displaying in charts.

Client Requirement / Project Description

The product aims to help athletes and other professionals who have high adrenaline workouts to utilize and understand the dynamics in performance for the athletes. when the core body temperature rises above a threshold, the performance (power) decreases. As the body heats and diverts more energy to pumping blood to the skin to cool the body, there is less blood powering the muscles and power output drops.

The product aims to provide a heat map of athletes at various points which on analysis can help them to boost their performance keeping in control of the heat levels by cooling off at exact instances.

The requirement was to design complete firmware of the core temp pill sensor on a basic radio frequency which is approved by the FDA as well as stick to norms of transmitting inside the body at intervals as specified by the FDA.

Then there would be a data recorder with bluetooth low energy enabled and connected to an IOS/Android application which would receive the readings from the pill and then store these readings and generate heat maps which would be used to analyze the temperature data of the athletes.

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Services and Technologies

Hardware,Firmware and Development


Mobile Application Development



Comms Protocol Design: The Major challenge here was to completely design a communication protocol on the bare radio’s physical layer which included sensors sending periodic data as well as synchronizing with the monitor for sending the data. A total of seven sensors would be able to communicate with a monitor device which would store the temperature data in sessions.

Flash Management: Another challenge was in management of session data which needs to be stored on the flash and deleting the data when it gets transmitted onto the mobile app which is then forwarded and stored on the server.

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HQInc. develops wireless temperature sensors for body temperature measurement. Their core offering is the Cortemp temperature monitoring series which includes wireless wearable body temperature and an ingestible temperature sensor for internal core body temperature measurements as it travels through the body's digestive tract.

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