Sub-centimeter Accurate Positioning System.

BiggWorks Project: Sub-centimeter Accurate Positioning System | Railways

Designing a sub-centimeter accurate positioning system for the Asset Tracking Solution for demonstrating railroad worker safety to the UK government.

Client Requirement / Project Description

There are a number of casualties which happen to the railroad workers in the UK because there is no current system which facilitates their safety especially when they are working on active rail lines and speeds of incoming train lines are of few hundreds of kilometers.

So the team wanted to design a sub-centimeter accurate GPS positioning device which would ensure an alarm when it triggered a train coming near the rail workers.

This was achieved using an RTK solution developed by ardusimple and integrating the solution to our asset tracking device to solve the above issue. More information about the RTK technology and the solution can be found at the below website.

The solution involved using the RTK integrated asset tracking solution to be used in all trains across the UK as well as the railroad workers working on remote lines. There would be a buzz signal which goes off when the rail approaches 20kms within the circle radius of the workers as well as the accurate sub centimeter GPS positioning report sent to the server to assert a signal for their safety.

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Robustness: The Major challenge was the speed of getting the accurate RTK signal and positioning and continuously working on the algorithm to detect multiple interferences by various trains by placing a geofence for the rail workers and alerting them through SOS when an interference triggered. We took both options of server sending the SOS as well as device generating the SOS when geofence breach happens with RTK based centimeter level accuracy.

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Succorfish is a technology company that aims to offer precise, dependable, and cost-effective monitoring technology that can operate in the most extreme and remote locations on earth.

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