Bluetooth Long Range Audio Device.

Designed a bluetooth long range audio transmitter and receiver device which would connect to each other with a maximum range of 1 km and would transmit audio from the microphone of the transmitter device to the speaker connected to the receiver device.

Client Requirement / Project Description

The product required a unique nut transmitter device which would be hanged onto the trees or the nests of birds. This transmitter device would be connected to a receiver which in turn would be connected to the speaker inside the house. So ideally one can enjoy the sounds of the birds and the nature sitting inside their homes.

The product would be extremely useful when one cannot open the windows due to hash winters but would be able to enjoy the nature sounds sitting from home.

The requirement was to design a single hardware unit which can act as a transmitter as well as the receiver unit. The transmitter unit would have an additional microphone for sending the sounds onto the receiver unit at all times.

The transmitter unit design had to be in nut shape which should include a 3000mAH rechargeable battery along with the PCB and the microphone.

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Services and Technologies

Hardware, Firmware and Development



PCB and Industrial Design: The Major challenge was to make the hardware PCB design to fill onto the nut shape of nutshell along with 3000mAH battery. The placement of the microphone on the outer shell should be in such a way that most of the times when it is placed in a birds nest or hanged along the tree should be distortion free.

Optimal Battery Usage: As the transmitter unit is externally placed, we had to design an intelligent way of using the bluetooth audio only when its connected and user is listening. In other times the bluetooth would be off and only BLE would be advertising making the device to be in low power mode.

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Watching birds at your feeders in the cold of Winter – or the heat of Summer, or the pollen of Spring – is like watching TV with the sound turned off. Chirpsound adds real time audio when you don’t want to open your windows. Rustic, rechargeable, wireless, and weatherproof, it amplifies and streams bird sounds (or other nature sounds) to a speaker inside your home, right through the closed windows!

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