Biometric Authentication Device.

BiggWorks Project: Biometric Authentication Device | Banking. Insurance

This is an OTP generating portable device with biometric authentication for generating the OTP. The device registers a predefined set of fingerprints and would compare these fingerprints during authentication and generation of the OTP. This device would ensure that the right person is accessing the system at that particular point of time.

Client Requirement / Project Description

The device should have a biometric fingerprint sensor for registering the fingerprints during the initial stage and later on to authenticate the user’s fingerprints while generating and displaying the OTP.

The device should contain a display to show the OTP generated to the user.

The device should be a portable and tamper proof in nature and should be able to attach to a keychain.

The device should have a BLE module so that it can connect to the mobile application inorder to register and send the fingerprint data onto the server.

The server on receiving the OTP from the device would compare it with the generated one in the server and take appropriate action.

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Services and Technologies

Hardware, Firmware and Development

Biggworks Nordic
Biggworks RTC
Biggworks OLED

Mobile Application Development

Biggworks Android
Biggworks IOS


Power Consumption: The Major challenge was to make the device last for few months without charging having an RTC in place which would be running uptil the battery is dead. The OLED display and the fingerprint sensors also take up a lot of peak current so we needed to interpolate these two to efficiently make the firmware work with either one at a time.

Power Switch: We had to include a power switch which would shut off the power onto the microcontroller but the power is available to RTC and running fine, so this power switch would switch on the microcontroller whenever the user presses on the fingerprint sensor for generating the OTP

Clock Drift: All clocks have a drift so we needed to design an algorithm to cover the clock drift during the calculation of OTP on the server as well as calibrate each unit inorder to have clock synchronized at all times.

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Proof Of Life is an biometric authenticated portable device which could be used to authenticate the presence of a person at a distant region and should be able to give accessibility of services based on the authentication.

Biggworks Client Proof Of Life

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