Automatic Batch Controller.

BiggWorks Project: Automatic Batch Controller | Industrial Automation

This is a hand held programmable control box for precise delivery of fluids. This device features a multifunctional keypad, a backlit dot matrix LCD and ports to connect a solenoid valve and a flow meter. The operator can program the device to deliver a precise quantity of liquid in each batch. The device is based on an 8-bit microcontroller and can operate with an input voltage range of 12~24 volts and can control solenoids of up to 120 Watts. Vithamas was responsible for building the hardware and the production of the unit.

Client Requirement / Project Description

The device should be able to dispatch a specific amount of liquid in every batch as per the user program.

The device should have a display to showcase the flow status and for flow batch setting menu.

The device should have an input keyboard for navigating through the menu and setting menu actions.

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BiggWorks Project: Automatic Batch Controller Screenshot

Services and Technologies

Hardware Design

Biggworks Atmel
Biggworks Sensiron
Biggworks ESwitch
Biggworks Amphenol


Wide Range of Input Voltage: The Major challenge was to make the design to work with a wide range of input voltages as used in commercial industrial applications.

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