Aerodynamic Performance Measurement For Auto-mobiles.

BiggWorks Project: Aerodynamic performance Measurement For Auto-mobiles. | Automotive

FlowNodes shall extend the benefits of wind tunnel testing to the real world with miniature wireless gas flow velocimeters. They will instrument aerodynamic surfaces during flight- or road-testing on production hardware. This permits real-world measurements of aerodynamic performance, an advance beyond data gathered in a wind tunnel.

Client Requirement / Project Description

The product required a miniature flow node device development which had to bewithin the size of 15mm in diameter and should consist of 15 MEMS pressure sensors and also have Wifi module on it.

The device should be enclosed on a cone like shell with a maximum height of 5mm including the battery which powers these nodes.

The node will have a flash memory for storing more than 1 million records of the pressure measurements which are taken every 100ms as these tests would last for an hour and so on.

Once these tests are done the measurements need to be downloaded onto the laptops through wifi for computing the aerodynamic performance.

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Services and Technologies

Hardware, Firmware and Developmentt

Biggworks Sensiron
Biggworks STM 32 CUbe
Biggworks Winbond


Miniature Size PCB: The Major challenge was to make the PCB with 15mm diameter and a maximum height of 2mm which was designed using a complex 6 layer PCB design. The unit had to include 15 sensors on one side of the PCB and all other components on the other which included by using the worlds smallest Wifi module at that time along with the flash and the smallest microcontroller design.

Robust: The unit had to read and store all 15 sensors data every 100ms and had to send this through wifi once all the tests are completed which would be around 4MB of data for each test.

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FlowNodes shall extend the benefits of wind tunnel testing to the real world with miniature wireless gas flow velocimeters.

Biggworks Client Flow Node

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