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Let us assist you in defining and designing your product from idea to reality with our below key offerings

Biggworks IOT Hardware Architecture

IoT Hardware architecture

Smart product design and development. Expert advice on SoC or IoT boards. Comprehensive firmware development and IoT ecosystem support.

Biggworks IOT Embedded Software

IoT embedded software

We will assist you in defining and designing your smart product and aim to launch an MVP or first version with key features within a short period of time.

Biggworks IOT Connectivity Implementation

IoT Connectivity implementation

Expert IoT system engineers adding secure wireless control and connectivity (cellular, Wi-Fi, RFID, GPS, BLE, Bluetooth, Satellite, LoRa, Zigbee) to your product.

Biggworks Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping

Fast-track your IoT product and move from concept idea to a field-deployable working prototype.

Biggworks IOT Mobile And Web Development

IoT mobile and web development

We specialize in building IoT mobile apps for enterprises. Designing and developing bespoke solutions, analyzing data to drive business growth through informed decisions.

Biggworks Design For Manufacturing

Design for manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) for cost-effective, high-quality product design, compliant with standards and built to withstand environment.

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Why biggworks for IoT development?

Biggworks Quicker Turn Around

Quicker Turn around

Launch your proof of concept or minimum viable products with our time-efficient IoT development services.

Biggworks Integrated Development Environment

Integrated Development Environment

Complete product design under one roof with hardware, PCB, Firmware and App Development.

Biggworks Complete Lifecycle Support

Complete Lifecycle Support

Our IoT development services are tailored to offer you a full-fledged development experience with mass production support.

Have an awesome IOT Development idea ?

But don't know how to get started? Hire our expert loT developers to build your product.

With Biggworks, hiring the top remote IOT specialists is made easy

Find Hardware, PCB, Firmware, Mobile App and Web App Developers in your finger tip.

we develop

Custom IOT solutions

We have expertise in building different IOT solutions for the below mentioned use cases.

Biggworks Smart Wearables

Smart Wearables

Biggworks Health Monitoring Devices

Health Monitoring Devices

Biggworks Sports Activity Trackers

Sports Activity Trackers

Biggworks Home Automation

Home Automation

Biggworks Connected Consumer Products

Connected Consumer Products

Biggworks Security Systems

Security Systems

Biggworks Environmental Sensors

Environmental Sensors

Biggworks Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Biggworks Constrained Sensors Edge Devices

Constrained Sensor Edge Devices

Biggworks Automotive


Biggworks Asset Tracing

Asset tracing

Biggworks Smart Buildings And Smart City

Smart buildings and smart city

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